„The best way to acquire joie de vivre is from a Labrador retriever.“

Hotel dog Luna

Luna assumed her key part not only as a member of the Gerlach family, but also of the hotel on 29 November 2019. She wags her tail when she hears it’s time to go to the office.
Don’t be surprised if you see our young lady peering out at you from the office. She is resolute and very friendly, loves people and simply longs to be stroked, morning, noon and night! Right now she is still in training and is, of course, not allowed to leave the office unless invited to do so. We can assure you that she will leave you peace if you aren’t so keen on dogs. If, however, you’d like to meet her, we shall be delighted to introduce her to you in the lobby.
Hotelhund Luna Labrador Retriever
Luna in the woods